About Aidi Adams


It was in Paris France, that the talented artist Houria Aïdi Adams’ passion for art began. Since she was very young, always carrying her colors and her drawing board, Adams attended art classes in many Parisian studios. These places truly revealed her passion, and led her to begin her artistic journey.

After graduating from the Fine Art University of Paris France, where she received an MA in Visual Arts, Adams continued to learn and live her passion by traveling and gaining inspiration from many different areas. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Florence Italy (majoring in painting), studied in Granada Spain, and again in Paris at the Duperré School, where she was enrolled in wall art/decor and photography courses. Eager to share her passion, Adams also taught Fine Arts in several high schools, and conducted creative workshops in France and later in Chicago.

Her work conveys her passion for art and travel, characterized by her circular and free mark of intense emotion, and is reminiscent of her trips, discoveries, and encounters in an infinite space. This intense feeling is also amplified with musical inspiration, a rhyme mimicked in brushstrokes combining gestures and colorful vibrations.

While in Spain, Adams was represented by the Granada Consisa Alarcón Gallery, specializing in paintings. During this formative time, Adams also exhibited her work at the Cultural Center of Granada during the famous “Tres Pueblos Tres Culturas” festival. Today, her creations are sold all over the world, including Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Switzerland, and Australia.

For the past several years, Adams has been working on transposing and printing her visual creations (drawings, paintings, collages, photos, etc.) onto fabrics. These creations have undoubtedly been influenced by memories of her grandfather, a weaver who was surrounded by noble and shimmering fabrics. But her greatest influence came from her stay in Italy, where she had the great honor to live with the famous Ferragamo family, and experience first-hand the day to day workings of the worldwide iconic fashion brand named after its eponymous founder, Salvatore Ferragamo. Within the designer family, she was immediately intrigued and inspired by all the beautiful fabrics such as silk, linen, and cashmere.

Over time, Adams explored and learned about different textile printing techniques including serigraphy (silk screening) and Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique, while also exploring new processes of digital printing. She created her own collection of printed silk and cashmere scarves, with the guidance of talented artisans in Milan, Florence, and Como Italy.

These experiences were fundamental for her career. At the end of her stay in Italy, Adams was contacted by a famous French designer with whom she collaborated on several decorating projects, and later began working on many projects of her own as a wall stylist and consultant for various architectural firms in Paris, Athens, and New York. Adams has also been a part of the Cannes Film Festival, working with the Mogador agency.

Established in Chicago for several years now, Aïdi Adams continues to express her passion for art and and luxurious textiles. 

She invites herself into your home to share her art.